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Our goal is to provide you with the technological tools that increase the accuracy of processing death certificates at the same time reducing costs. To assist you in understanding how the Indiana Death Registration System works, we have developed some common Frequently Asked Questions.

IDRS Flowchart

Under Indiana law, the funeral director is responsible for “initiating” or starting the death record. Once the funeral director completes the information for which they are responsible, the record is “released” to the medical certifier. That could be a coroner, local health officer or physician. The IDRS sends an email notification to the medical certifier and up to three additional individuals “cc” (as designated by the medical certifier) that a record is waiting for them in the IDRS. The medical certifier logs into the IDRS, either enters the data for which they are responsible or reviews the data that one of their support staff has entered. Support or administrative staff of funeral homes and physicians’ offices are able to have access to the IDRS if they complete a User Agreement. That allows them to enter in the information first then the funeral director or medical certifier reviews it. If the information is correct they enter their 4 digit PIN. It is that PIN that serves as the electronic signature.

Once the death record is signed by the funeral director and medical certifier, it is electronically submitted to the local health department as required by law. The local health department reviews it and if complete, accepts it sending it on to the Indiana State Department of Health. Once ISDH accepts it, the death record is fully filed and ready for issuance by the local health department and the ISDH. This is the same process flow of the paper records but the IDRS is a more secure and efficient system.

To have access to the IDRS, a User Agreement must be completed and submitted to ISDH. A username, password and PIN, if applicable, is then emailed to the User. Information on the IDRS and the User Agreement forms are on the IDRS Services tab.

IBRS/IDRS/IFDRS user agreement form
fill-able pdf


The new IBRS/IDRS/IFDRS user agreement form is now available in a fill-able .PDF format. Users are now able to complete this form, print it out, sign it and fax the completed/signed document to the Electronic Registrar Helpdesk (317-233-5956) for final processing. Users may also mail their completed forms to: Indiana State Department of Health, ATTN: Vital Records, 2 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204. This change will improve accuracy and expedite the account setup process.

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