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additional training

Additional Training

The last training session on December 15 was recorded and is available within the Training Tutorials, "IDRS Training Webinar" page.

Viewing only one session will be adequate to perform all the functions associated with various roles within the application.

An internet connection with a minimum of 700 kilobytes per second downlink speed is required to watch the webcast. Speeds slower than 700 Kb/s will result in frozen or low quality video. If you experience any difficulties with the audio and/or video, please contact the IHETS Helpdesk at 800.246.7615. 

Direct any questions to the IDRS Helpdesk from Monday thru Friday from 8:00AM – 4:30PM at 317-233-7989.

Electronic Death Registration Systems by Jurisdiction

2011 Electronic Registration Systems by Jurisdiction

Agreement Forms
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Agreement Forms

Benefits Achieved
what this does for you

IDRS Online Social Security
Administration (SSA) Verification

• Reducing decedent’s SSN errors on death certificates

• Improving accuracy of the SSN reported to the SSA

• Speeding notification of fact-of-death to SSA

• Eliminates the need for the funeral director to file the SSA 721 form

• Highly secure and Internet accessible

• Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• Online amendments for cases entered in IDRS

• Certifiers are notified via email

• Work queues for managing cases

• Ability for physicians and coroners to export files from IDRS for upload into their local systems

• No costs to users 

• Records available more quickly for a grieving family