Mailing Address
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Indiana State Department of Health
2 North Meridian St
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Helpdesk Email:

Helpdesk:         317.233.7989
FAX:                317.233.5956

Filing a Complaint

If you need to file a complaint regarding possible violations of IC 16-37-3, which requires a physician complete the death certificate within 5 days of receiving the record*, you may do so by submitting the information below via mail or email to:

*this law does not apply to cases handled by the county coroner

Professional Licensing Agency
Attn: Medical Licensing Board of Indiana
402 W. Washington Street, Room W072
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Subject: Possible violation of IC 16-37-3

Please provide the following information

  • The name of the decedent
  • The date of death
  • The name of the physician
  • The date the death certificate was referred or provided to the physician
  • Any attempts made to contact the physician via email, phone ect., and response received, if any.
Password resets (except Fetal Death)
please contact IOT Helpdesk at 1-800-382-1095 Monday through Friday 6:00AM - Midnight Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 7:30AM - 3:30PM. For FETAL DEATH passwords, please call the Vital Records Helpdesk at 317-233-7989.

State Registrar

Brian Carnes
Vital Records Director
2 North Meridian St
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Telephone:      317.233.7523
FAX:                317.233.1289


Deputy State Registrar

Tasha Smith
Vital Records Assistant Director
2 North Meridian St
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Telephone:      317.233.7109
FAX:                317.233.1289


Our External Partners
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The successfull implementation of the IDRS is due in part to the hard work of many including our valuable external partners. Though the IDRS was created by the Indiana State Department of Health, the feedback, suggestions and partnership approach of our external partners was critical in providing a system that meet the needs of the users. The list is too lengthily to mention everyone one but here are a few:
Local Health Officers

Local Health Departments
and their Staff

Indiana County Coroners
and their Deputies

Indiana Funeral Directors Association
The Indiana Funeral Director's Association provides a support role in information submitted to the State Registrar's office.

Indiana State Medical Association
The Indiana State Medical Association is dedicated to Indiana physicians and their efforts to provide the best possible health care for their patients.

Indiana Vital Records Association
Established in 1999, the IVRA is a association of Local Registrars who focus on ways to standardize procedural and recording issues while protecting the integrity of vital records and serving the citizens of Indiana.